Lola Nena’s Advertisement Sparks “Fear” Among Netizens

Advertisement of Lola Nena’s Bakery Sparks Fear Among Netizens

LOLA NENA’S – The bakery sparked widespread fear among netizens when it appeared to show an employee nearly being hit by a reversing car in a Facebook Reels post.

The video initially shows a staff member promoting an old-fashioned donut outside the bakery, followed by a car abruptly reversing towards her. This caused shock among viewers, who later realized it was a deceptive use of video effects, and the employee was not in any actual danger.

The incident prompted a flurry of reactions in the comments section, ranging from startled exclamations to humorous relief once the trick was revealed. Netizens expressed how they were taken aback by the realistic portrayal, with comments like, “Ate napasigaw ako! Tumahimik ka!” and “Tumigil nang ilang sandali hininga ko”. Some even joked about almost forwarding the video out of concern for the employee’s safety.

Despite the initial scare, the video gained significant attention with 121k reactions and 57k shares, showcasing how effective social media marketing strategies can attract engagement, albeit with unexpected consequences.

Meanwhile, Lola Nena’s is a local, family-owned bakery known for its nostalgic and homemade treats, including their renowned Triple Cheese Donuts. Founded by Steffi Santana and her father Kit Teotico Santana in 2012, the bakery started with traditional Filipino snacks like Pichi-Pichi, based on recipes passed down from Steffi’s great-grandmother, Nena Del Rosario Teotico. Despite initial challenges and a slow start, they persisted and expanded, eventually gaining popularity with their innovative takes on Filipino favorites, such as the Siopao Tostado and Old-Fashioned Donuts stuffed with cheese.

The name “Lola Nena’s” reflects a comforting, grandmotherly vibe, aiming to replicate the warm hospitality and delicious treats one might find at their grandparents’ home. Over the years, they’ve leveraged customer feedback and adapted their offerings, particularly during the pandemic, when their Triple Cheese Donuts became a viral sensation through social media. Despite their humble beginnings and the challenges of COVID-19, Lola Nena’s continues to grow, expanding their menu and operations while maintaining a strong connection to their community and customers.

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