Lady Customer Shares Inspiring Encounter w/ Buko Vendor

Lady Customer Goes Viral After Sharing Inspiring Encounter w/ Buko Vendor

STREET VENDOR – A lady customer brings inspiration online after sharing her encounter with a hardworking buko vendor.

A vendor is a person that sells goods or services. Vendors can operate in various settings, such as street markets, online platforms, retail stores, or through direct sales to customers. They can offer a wide range of products, from food and beverages to clothing, electronics, and more.

Recently, a Facebook post by Mary Jeanith D. Mortel has recently gone viral, capturing the hearts of many with her inspiring encounter with a hardworking buko (coconut) vendor. The post, which quickly garnered various reactions online.

Lady Customer

Mary Jeanith shared a photo showing the buko vendor attentively serving his customers. Her encounter began when she decided to buy buko juice for takeout, costing P50. Curious about the vendor’s earnings, she struck up a conversation with him.

To her surprise, the vendor revealed that during the summer season, from 8 AM to 3 PM, he could earn around P2,000 per day, after deducting expenses. He compared this to his previous earnings selling dirty ice cream, noting that his current income was higher.

Mary Jeanith reflected on the vendor’s earnings, comparing them to typical company salaries. Despite the physical challenges of street vending, the vendor managed to earn a decent income, challenging common perceptions about blue-collar jobs.

The vendor shared that he adds a little sugar to make the buko juice sweeter. This small detail adds to the appeal of his refreshing drink, likely contributing to his steady customer base.

The post elicits reactions from social media users, who were moved by the vendor’s hard work and the positive exchange between him and Mary Jeanith.

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Here is the full post:

Bumili kami ng buko, kani-kanina lang. Sabi ko take out, 50 pesos. So, habang pini prepare ni kuya ang buko juice, tinanong ko siya kung malaki ba kinikita niya. Sabi niya pag tag init from 8am to 3pm 2K na ang kita niya, bawas na ang puhunan. Na kwento ko nga sakanya yung sa dirty ice cream naman, sabi niya mas malaki daw kita niya dun. Ang galing lang, kasi yung akala natin na mas malaki kinikita natin kasi sa company tayo nag ta trabaho. Mas mahirap nga lang sakanila pero okay na din ang kita. Anyway, sabi nga pala niya nilalagyan ng konting asukal kaya matamis ang buko juice”

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Lady Customer

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