SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – Outdoor Mini Fan (Features, Specs & Price)

Introducing the Outdoor Mini Fan

SHOPEE BUDOL FINDS – The Outdoor Mini Fan is a versatile solution designed to enhance comfort and convenience during outdoor activities. This compact device serves multiple functions, combining a portable fan with a built-in 4500mAh power bank, making it an essential tool for anyone venturing into outdoor environments.

One of its standout features is its whisper-quiet operation, powered by a brushless motor that produces minimal noise ranging from 20dB to 45dB. This ensures that users can enjoy a cool breeze without disturbance, whether they are camping, hiking, or simply relaxing outdoors. The fan boasts three adjustable wind speeds, allowing users to tailor the airflow to their preference and cooling needs.

The design of the fan is highly adaptable. It can be worn around the waist for hands-free cooling, strapped to the chest, or used as a handheld device, providing flexibility in how it is used based on the situation. Its lightweight construction, weighing just 205 grams, adds to its portability, making it effortless to carry and use on the go.

Outdoor Mini Fan

Functionality extends beyond cooling; the built-in 4500mAh battery doubles as a power bank, capable of charging USB devices such as smartphones or tablets. This dual functionality ensures that users can stay connected and powered up even in remote outdoor locations where access to electrical outlets may be limited.

Outdoor Mini Fan

Constructed from durable ABS and PP materials, the Outdoor Mini Fan is designed to withstand outdoor conditions effectively, ensuring longevity and reliability. It comes in three attractive colors – black, matcha green, and white – catering to different aesthetic preferences.

With a discounted price of ₱475, significantly reduced from its original ₱1,440, and additional discounts available through shop vouchers, the Outdoor Mini Fan offers exceptional value for money. It is backed by reliable shipping from Meycauayan City, Bulacan, and OutdoorProducts’ positive reputation on Shopee, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Whether used for personal cooling during outdoor adventures or as a thoughtful gift for outdoor enthusiasts, the Outdoor Mini Fan by Outdoorproducts stands out as a practical and efficient companion, providing refreshing airflow and reliable power supply wherever it is needed most.

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