Badjao Lola & Grandchild Sleep at Dapitan Pier While Waiting for Ship

Badjao Lola & Grandchild Sleeping at Dapitan Pier Touches Many Hearts

A Badjao lola and her infant grandchild fell asleep at the edge of Dapitan Pier while waiting for a ship to Cebu.

Recently, a Facebook user Juancito Abo Lorena shared photos of a Badjao lola and her grandchild sleeping at Dapitan port. The post quickly spread online and sparked various reactions from netizens.

The photos show the grandmother and baby sleeping on the hard ground at Dapitan Pier. Their ship to Cebu was delayed, forcing them to wait outside the port for hours.

Badjao Lola

Despite the cold wind and uncomfortable floor, they had no choice but to endure while waiting for their sea transportation. Their fare, costing P600, was provided by the Malasakit Assistance program, which aims to help those in need.

The grandmother and baby are only chance passengers, meaning they have no guaranteed seats on the ship. Despite this uncertainty, the grandmother hopes they can board and safely reach Cebu to join their relatives and start a new life.

A fellow traveler noticed them and felt sympathy. He offered some food and water, which greatly pleased the elderly woman.

Badjao Lola

This story quickly spread on social media, gaining sympathy from many netizens. Many offered prayers and hopes that the pair would be able to board the ship and arrive safely in Cebu.

As they continue to wait, the grandmother remains positive. “Sana makasakay kami, Para sa aking apo, para sa aming kinabukasan,” the senior citizen said.

In a similar post, a lady passenger on Badjao beggars begging on jeeps “mas malaki pa ang kinikita sa nagtatrabaho”

Here is the full post:

Maglola na Badjao nakatulog nlng sa gilid ng Dapitan pier port kakaantay ng barko.

Na delay po ang dating ng barko .

Kawawa nman si baby .

Papunta po sila ng Cebu

Take note:600 lng po pala PAMASAHE nila

Sa tulong ng (malasakit assistance )

Chance passenger papo.

Sana makasakay sila at ligtas makarating sa Cebu.

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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