Sheena Palad Uses Her ‘Palad’ Against Fellow Singing Contestant

Sheena Palad, the singer, used her palm or “palad” to hit a fellow singing contestant on the head.

In the middle of their performance, Sheena used her palm to push fellow contestant Rica Mae Maer on GMA Network’s Tawag ng Kampeon.

Sheena Lee Palad Bashed for ‘Hitting’ Fellow Contestant on TV Singing Contest

Netizens bash Sheena Lee Palad for “hitting” a contestant in a singing contest on TV

SHEENA LEE PALAD – The singer found herself in the spotlight after accidentally hitting a fellow contestant on a TV singing contest. The incident quickly went viral, sparking widespread discussion and criticism online.

This incident occurred during a showdown between Sheena and another contestant, Rica Mae Maer, on GMA Network’s Tawag ng Kampeon.

In a social media post, Sheena expressed regret and apologized for the unintended mishap. She appealed to the public not to judge her hastily and to cease the online bullying directed towards her.

Sheena Lee Palad

Despite her apology, the incident continued to draw attention. Many perceived Sheena’s reaction as dismissive when she appeared to laugh off the incident during subsequent discussions. This response further fueled public outcry and raised questions about her sincerity in addressing the matter.

Sheena Lee Palad

To recall, Sheena Lee Palad made headlines as the “young singer” who replaced veteran actress Eva Darren as a presenter at the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards (FAMAS). Sheena explained that she had originally been scheduled to perform at the event and was approached suddenly by a FAMAS staff member to step in for Eva, who was already present but unable to fulfill her presenting duties.

Sheena recounted in her post how she was approached just before the event began and agreed to present without knowing Eva was originally slated for the role. She clarified that she was not familiar with awards night proceedings as she usually stayed in the holding area before her performance.

Amid the backlash, Sheena expressed reliance on her faith in Jesus Christ, suggesting it helped her cope with criticisms. She emphasized the need to avoid quick judgment of others and highlighted the unpredictable nature of live events. Sheena’s response aimed to provide context to the situation and defend herself against the negative reactions, urging others to consider the circumstances before passing judgment.

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