Rendon and Rosmar Declared Persona Non Grata Across Palawan

Palawan Declares Rendon and Rosmar Persona Non Grata

PALAWAN – Social media personalities Rosmar Tan, Rendon Labador, and their Team Malakas have been officially declared persona non grata across the province. The declaration was recommended by first district board member Juan Antonio Alvarez during the regular session of the Palawan Provincial Board on Tuesday, June 18, 2024.

This action stems from an incident where the group disrespected a Local Government Unit (LGU) employee in Coron. During a charity event, Rendon and his team confronted, pointed at, and yelled at a female municipal employee, Jho Trinidad, who had posted a negative comment about them on her personal Facebook page.

Alvarez detailed the incident in a video uploaded by The Palawan Times on Facebook. He explained that Team Malakas arrived at Coron’s coliseum to provide aid without prior coordination. Despite this, the LGU assisted them. However, Trinidad’s personal Facebook post expressing dissatisfaction with the distribution of aid led to the confrontation.

Alvarez defended Trinidad, stating her post was her personal opinion and not an official stance of the Coron municipality. He criticized Team Malakas for their excessive reaction, which disrespected the entire Coron LGU and unfairly generalized the people of Coron as having a negative attitude.

Despite a public apology from Team Malakas on June 17, Alvarez emphasized it was insufficient and called for a lesson to be taught to the group. He proposed that the Provincial Board also declare Team Malakas persona non grata throughout Palawan, not just Coron.

Following Alvarez’s recommendation, several board members, including third district board member Rafael “Jun” Ortega Jr., supported the resolution. Ortega suggested exploring potential legal actions against Rosmar and Rendon for their behavior, including possible charges of oral defamation or other offenses.

Palawan Vice-Governor Leoncio Ola promptly passed the resolution, declaring Rosmar, Rendon, and their team persona non grata in Palawan. At the time of writing, there had been no response from Rosmar and Rendon’s camp regarding the Provincial Board’s decision. The final decision on Coron’s initial recommendation to declare the group persona non grata is still pending.

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