Rendon Labador and Rosmar Tan May Be Declared Persona Non Grata in Coron

Coron local government may declare Rendon Labador and Rosmar Tan persona non grata

RENDON LABADOR and ROSMAR TAN – The two social media personalities may be declared persona non grata in Coron, Palawan.

Rendon Labador is known for his fitness-related content, motivational posts, and outspoken personality. He often shares videos and posts about fitness routines, healthy living, and personal development. Rendon has a significant following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where he engages with his audience through various content formats.

On other hand, Rosmar Tan is a beauty and lifestyle influencer. She shares content related to beauty tips, skincare routines, fashion, and lifestyle vlogs. Rosmar has built a substantial online presence through her engaging posts and videos, attracting a large audience on social media platforms.

The two social media personalities may be declared persona non grata in Coron, Palawan. The controversy stems from a heated incident where they allegedly shouted at a municipal employee, an event captured in a viral video showing Rendon pointing at a female staff member. The conflict arose following a Facebook post criticizing Rendon and Rosmar for exploiting Coron residents for social media content without offering any assistance in return.


In response, a municipal council member proposed a resolution on Facebook to declare them persona non grata. The local government of Coron is now investigating the matter, with promises of appropriate legal action against those involved.

Meanwhile, “persona non grata” is a Latin term meaning “unwelcome person.” It refers to an individual who is no longer accepted or is officially banned from a country, organization, or group. This designation is commonly used in diplomatic contexts, where a host country declares a foreign diplomat unacceptable, often leading to their expulsion. The term can also be used more broadly in social or professional settings to denote someone who has fallen out of favor and is no longer welcome. The declaration is a significant diplomatic action, signaling serious disapproval or conflict.

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