Woman Purchases P88,000 Cellphone Using Found Credit Card

Using Found Credit Card, Woman Purchases P88,000 Cellphone

FRAUD – A woman has gone viral online after purchasing a pricey cellphone valued at more than P88,000 using a credit card she reportedly found in someone else’s wallet. Netizen J-eazy Drake Garcia shared on Facebook a photo of the woman who allegedly saw the wallet of his client and used its credit card.

He also showed a picture of the receipt where the woman supposedly forged his client’s signature and used a fake address in Quezon City. The real owner of the card reportedly resides in Antipolo City.

Garcia’s post describes an incident where a woman found his client’s wallet in Masinag. The wallet contained P30,000 in cash and 3 cards. The woman used one of the cards to purchase a P88,000 cellphone in Marikina. She forged the client’s signature and used a fake address in Quezon City on the receipt. The actual owner of the card and wallet resides in Antipolo. Garcia urged people to share the information on Facebook to help identify the woman responsible for the theft.

credit card fraud

“Baka may nakakilala dito. Nalaglag wallet ng client ko may laman na 30,000 cash. At 3 credit cards. Pagkapulot sa Masinag iniswipe agad credit card niya bumili ng 88,000 pesos na CP sa Marikina siya bumili,” Garcia said in his post.

credit card fraud

“Ginaya po pirma and name ng client ko sa resibo. Pero ang address nilagay Quezon City. Taga Antipolo po may ari ng credit card at wallet. Pashare po. Makakatulong po tayo if masishare natin FB friends,” he added.

Meanwhile, unauthorized use of someone else’s credit card to make purchases, known as credit card fraud, carries serious legal repercussions. Offenders may face criminal charges like fraud or theft, resulting in fines, restitution to reimburse the cardholder, and possible imprisonment, especially for significant sums or repeated offenses. Civil lawsuits seeking damages are also common. A conviction can lead to a permanent criminal record, impacting future opportunities and access to financial services if the card is canceled.

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