Miss Universe Philippines Organization Issues Statement on Jef Albea’s Complaints

Miss Universe Philippines Organization Reacts to Jef Albea’s Complaints

MUPH ISSUE – The Miss Universe Philippines Organization has issued a statement regarding trophy designer Jef Albea’s complaints.

Albea’s social media post garnered widespread attention as he accused the Miss Universe Philippines organization of failing to compensate him for designing this year’s pageant trophies. He asserted in his statement that despite his commitment to the project and foregoing other opportunities, the organization declined to remunerate him.

Albea expressed disappointment that the Miss Universe organization did not honor payment for the trophies he crafted for the coronation event. He highlighted the effort and enthusiasm he dedicated to the endeavor, underscoring the importance of recognizing and valuing artists for their labor and creativity. Albea clarified that his current stance is not about seeking payment but rather advocating for acknowledgment of the worth and dignity of artists.

The Miss Universe Philippines Organization denies Jef Albea’s allegations regarding payment for the trophies he supplied. They assert they have communicated with his staff on the matter and refute claims of refusal, disregard, or ignoring payment. They emphasize their adherence to standard billing procedures and the necessity of proper documentation for transactions. Miss Universe Philippines warns of potential legal action against these baseless accusations and urges the public to avoid spreading misinformation, expressing confidence in the truth prevailing.

Here is the official statement from the MUPH rganization regarding Jef Albea’s complaints:

Earlier, Borg Roxas, the production head of Miss Universe Philippines, explained the reasons for the delay in paying Albea. Roxas clarified that a high-profile event like Miss Universe Philippines requires meticulous documentation of all expenses, including payments to suppliers like Albea. He cited backstage chaos and a shortage of immediate funds as reasons why Albea could not be paid promptly. Roxas emphasized the necessity for proper documentation and billing procedures, which contributed to the delay.

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