MUPH Production Head Reacts to Complaints of Jef Albea

Jef Albea’s Complaints Receive a Response from MUPH Production Head

Borg Roxas – The production head of Miss Universe Philippines has responded to the accusations made by trophy designer Jef Albea.

Filipino designer Jef Albea’s social media complaint went viral after he alleged that the Miss Universe Philippines organization did not compensate him for designing this year’s pageant trophies. Albea claimed in his post that the organization “refused” to pay him, despite his prioritizing the project and declining other opportunities.

Jef Albea expressed frustration that the Miss Universe organization refused to pay him for the trophies he designed for the coronation night. He emphasized the dedication and passion he invested in the project, stating that artists deserve respect for their hard work and creativity. Albea declared he no longer seeks payment but wants the organization to acknowledge the value and respect that artists deserve.

However, Borg Roxas, the production head of Miss Universe Philippines, explained why Albea has not yet received payment. Roxas stated that an event like Miss Universe Philippines requires detailed documentation of all expenses, including Albea’s payment. Roxas stated that the chaotic situation backstage and the lack of immediate cash prevented them from paying Albea on the spot. Proper documentation and billing were required, which caused further delays.

Despite the chaos, they remained in contact with Albea to sort out the billing. Roxas expressed disappointment that Albea publicly complained despite ongoing communication and clarified that Albea was included in the June 15 payment cut-off due to the necessary paperwork. Roxas clarified that the Miss Universe Philippines organization did not avoid their responsibility to pay artists like Albea.

“Again, hindi ang MUPh ang nagkamali dito. Sa production side, kailangan namin idefend sa management kahit walang billing or invoice. Nag yes naman agad management sa amin. Pero sa usual na may billing and proper documentation lang para pag dating sa filing ng taxes, madefend namin ang expenses. Lahat naman mababayaran,” he stated.

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