Boss Fires Female Employee from Work Exactly on her Wedding Day

Bride Receives Job Dismissal Message from Boss on her Wedding Day

BOSS – An employer fired a female employee from work exactly on her wedding day and she was informed through a message she read at the reception.

At any time of the day, getting fired from work will bring you a worst experience most especially if you are the breadwinner of the family. However, it can be twice devastating when you got on the day that is supposed to be a perfect day with just happy celebrations like what happened to Amanda.


Ben Askins received a letter from Amanda which he read on his YouTube channel. According to her, she is a resident of the United Kingdom who got wed in Cyprus. Unfortunately, on the day of her wedding, she received a message from her boss informing her that she is fired from work.

Fired from Work

In her letter, the female employee shared that she was not able to get hold of her phone during the whole wedding ceremony. It was only at the reception when she had the chance to read the messages on her phone. However, while expecting to receive well-wishes, she got an unexpected message from her boss.

Amanda said that her employer began the unexpected message telling her that he/she hopes that the wedding went well and she had a nice time away. However, what followed next surprised her as her boss informed her that the company has decided to let her go. She was also told that an email was sent to her.

“I am really sorry that it didn’t work out and wish you all the best moving forward,” the employer said in the message.

Ben Askins
YouTube/Ben Askins

According to Amanda, in the email, she was told that she “doesn’t meet the expectations we require for the role”. However, the fired employee does not believe as there were allegedly no signs prior to her job dismissal from the company that she does not perform well.

According to her, the only complaint against her then was that she is slow in making replies. She believes that the company might just want to avoid paying for the benefits of married employees with dependents. She thinks that the company prefers single employees.

Amanda is mad over what happened. She found it coward for the company not to inform her personally about it. Based on the video, she is busy looking for a job now instead of enjoying the transition to a new chapter.

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