Famous Binatog Vendor From Baguio Passes Away

Netizens Mourn the Passing of Binatog Vendor From Baguio

BINATOG LEGEND – The legendary binatog vendor of Baguio has passed away.

Binatog is a traditional Filipino snack made from boiled white corn kernels mixed with freshly grated coconut and sugar. It’s a beloved street food, especially popular during the hot summer months. To prepare the white corn snack, the corn kernels are boiled until tender, then drained and combined with grated coconut and sugar. The dish is typically served warm or at room temperature, often sold by street vendors who scoop it into individual servings.


Additional grated coconut may be sprinkled on top for extra flavor. Variations of binatog can include the addition of milk or coconut milk for a creamier texture, or toppings like margarine or salt for added taste. Its comforting blend of sweet and slightly savory flavors makes the white corn snack a nostalgic and comforting snack enjoyed by many Filipinos, evoking memories of simple pleasures and community gatherings.


Meanwhile, residents of Baguio and those familiar with the city feel a deep sense of loss following the passing of the legendary binatog vendor, fondly called “kuya.”

For years, his binatog stall was a comforting sight, and his precise and quick movements while serving were a joy to watch. Many fondly recall that a trip to the market was never complete without a stop at his stall. His binatog, a favorite from childhood through college days, was more than just a snack; it was a part of their daily lives and memories.

Netizens expressed their sorrow and nostalgia on social media, with one post thanking Kuya for his delicious binatog and recalling the love and passion he put into his servings. Another post lamented the absence of his stall, noting that it was not the same without him and that he was the secret ingredient of this Baguio favorite.

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