Miss Manila 2024 Candidate Amuses Netizens with Response on ‘Spirit Animal’

Netizens Amused by Response of Miss Manila 2024 Candidate About “Spirit Animal”

SPIRIT ANIMAL – A candidate at Miss Manila 2024 amused the audience when she was asked about her “spirit animal.”

During the pageant, hosts Former Miss Universe Catriona Gray and R’bonney Gabriel asked Miss Pandacan about her spirit animal. “Who or what is your spirit animal?” asked Catriona.

“Ooohhh, I think my spirit animal is something that I’m… Uhm… I think my spirit animal is…” Miss Pandacan responded hesitantly. “Oh my God, I’m so tensed at this moment. What’s a spirit animal to be honest?” she asked the hosts. “It could be something that maybe reflects your personality,” Catriona explained. “Or your favorite animal,” R’bonney added.

Understanding the point of the two hosts, Miss Pandacan quickly answered. “Oh, okay, so I think my spirit animal is a monkey. A monkey is very fun, so that’s something that describes me. Thank you so much for that!” she said.

Netizens found the candidate’s honesty amusing and praised her for keeping her composure despite not knowing about spirit animals. Comments included admiration for her endearing response, kudos to the hosts for their support, and recognition of her honesty and confidence. Some even suggested she could become a new icon.

Meanwhile, a spirit animal is a symbolic representation of qualities or traits that resonate deeply with a person, often reflecting their personality, behavior, or guiding characteristics. Originating from various indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions, a spirit animal is believed to be an animal that serves as a guide or protector, offering wisdom and insight. It embodies traits that the individual admires or feels connected to, such as a lion for courage, an owl for wisdom, or a deer for gentleness. Identifying a spirit animal can provide personal insight, inspiration, and a deeper understanding of oneself.

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