Esther Lahbati Says Checking Annabelle Rama’s Facebook is a Waste of Time

Checking Annabelle Rama’s Facebook is a Waste of Time, Says Esther Lahbati

ESTHER LAHBATI – The mother of Sarah Lahbati responded to a netizen who urged her to check Annabelle Rama’s posts on Facebook.

In the comments section of her Instagram, a netizen asked Sarah Lahbati’s mother to look at Annabelle’s recent Facebook posts about someone named “Chuckie,” which were believed to be directed at her.

“Tingnan nyo po ‘yung post ni Ms Annabelle Rama sa facebook oh,” the netizen wrote. “Bakit no need abala lang sa akin. Thank you,” Esther replied.

Annabelle Rama, the mother of Richard, has previously taken several jabs at someone she referred to as “Chuckie,” hinting that the person’s name started with “E” rather than “S.” Many netizens speculated that Annabelle was referring to Esther because of her past comments about Sarah’s mother.

While Sarah and Richard have refrained from criticizing each other, netizens observed that their parents have been posting veiled criticisms against each other. As of now, Annabelle has not responded to Esther’s comment.

Meanwhile, Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez’s love story spans back to 2012 when they first became a couple. Initially brought together by their work in the entertainment industry, their relationship blossomed as they co-starred in a television series. Despite initial hesitations, they grew closer, eventually confirming their relationship in 2012 after a romantic trip abroad.

Their love deepened over the years, marked by significant events such as the birth of their first child, Zion, in 2014, and their engagement in 2017. Despite postponing their grand wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, they proceeded with a civil ceremony. However, rumors of a breakup emerged in 2023, fueled by social media activities indicating a separation, though neither party has confirmed the speculations, leaving fans to speculate about the state of their relationship.

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