Criminology Student Arrested in Basag-Kotse Modus in Laguna

In Laguna, a criminology student was arrested for involvement in a basag-kotse modus

SANTA ROSA, LAGUNA – The basag-kotse activities of a riding-in-tandem duo, captured on CCTV, led to the apprehension of one suspect, identified as a second-year criminology student.

“Basag-kotse” is a term used in the Philippines to describe a specific type of vehicle theft where perpetrators break into cars by smashing the windows. This crime is characterized by its swift execution, typically carried out in minutes to reduce the risk of being caught. Thieves often target valuables left in plain sight, such as bags, gadgets, and other personal items. Common targets include cars parked in poorly lit or less secure areas, such as side streets and unsupervised parking lots, as well as vehicles parked outside homes in residential areas with limited surveillance.

To prevent such thefts, car owners are advised to remove valuables from their vehicles or keep them out of sight, enhance their vehicle’s security with alarms and immobilizers, and park in well-lit, secure areas with surveillance cameras or security personnel. The impact on victims includes financial loss from stolen items and vehicle repairs, as well as the inconvenience of dealing with insurance claims and police reports.

Law enforcement agencies respond to basag-kotse crimes by increasing patrols in high-risk areas and running public awareness campaigns on preventive measures. Community vigilance, such as neighborhood watch programs and efforts to improve local security, also plays a crucial role in deterring such crimes. Legal measures, including stricter penalties for offenders, aim to discourage potential criminals.

In Santa Rosa, Laguna, the car-breaking activities of a riding-in-tandem duo were captured on CCTV. One suspect, identified as a second-year criminology student, was apprehended. The footage shows the pillion rider inspecting a car and later breaking its window to steal a bag before fleeing. In a follow-up operation, authorities arrested the criminology student, while the stolen items were returned to the owner. The police are pursuing the remaining suspect and other group members, who have been linked to similar crimes across Calabarzon.

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