Arnie Teves Jr Released & Arrested Again in Timor Leste

Former Negros Oriental Congressman Arnie Teves Re-Arrested in Timor Leste

ARNIE TEVES JR – The former Negros Oriental 3rd District Representative was released from a Timor Leste jail and then arrested again as per the Department of Justice.

In 2023, one of the most controversial cases in the Philippine politics as well as the whole country was the death of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo and several individuals in the province. There were also several people who were left injured by the incident that took place at the Degamo residence in Pamplona.

Governor Roel Degamo

Unidentified individuals stormed in the residence of the Degamo family in Pamplona where his wife, Janice Degamo, is also the mayor. The then Governor was shot by the unidentified suspects. He was rushed to the hospital but he did not survive the incident.

The Governor’s Wife vowed to seek for justice for the death of her husband and several individuals who died from the attack at their home. There were in depth investigations and the borders were well-guarded in the pursuit to catch the suspects.

The funeral of the Governor gathered countless people who were grieving and calling for justice. Several politicians paid their last respect to the governor.

One of the suspects in the death of the late former Governor Roel Degamo was former Negros Oriental 3rd District Representative Arnie Teves Jr. The Degamos and the Teves’ are strong political rivals in the province. The Governor won over Teves’ brother, Pryde Teves, in the gubernatorial race.

During the investigation, former Cong. Arnie Teves Jr. was already in abroad. Through videos that his camp released online, the then Negros Oriental 3rd District Representative insisted his innocence from the Governor’s death. Since then, Teves did not fly home to the Philippines.

Arnie Teves
Photo Credit: PLN Media

In March 2024, the Department of Justice confirmed that former Negros Oriental 3rd District Representative Arnie Teves Jr. was arrested in Timor Leste. It was considered an answer prayer of Janice Degamo. According to the Department, Teves Jr. was playing golf when he was arrested. He is facing multiple charges over the death of Degamo and several others.

Photo Source: Bombo Radyo Baguio

Recently, Teves’ lawyer, Attorney Ferdinand Topacio Jr., announced that former Congressman Arnie Teves Jr. was released from jail in Timor Leste. It was immediately cleared by the Department of Justice saying that he was released and re-arrested.

According to DOJ Assistant Secretary Mico Clavano, Teves was released from jail and was arrested again as part of the process in Timor Leste. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, he stressed that the DOJ was able to submit all the requirements in advance “and in a manner fully compliant with Timor Leste’s law”.

“The Department is confident that the extradition proceedings will be successful. In addition, the former congressman may also still be deported depending on the direction taken by the Timor Leste government in coordination with the Philippines,” the DOJ Assistant Secretary said.

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