Sarah Lahbati Speaks About Current Relationship Status With Richard Gutierrez

Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez

What is the current relationship status of Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez? SARAH LAHBATI – The actress has spoken about the current state of her relationship with her husband, Richard Gutierrez. In her special feature for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, the actress mentioned that she is well aware that rumors about their supposed … Read more

Richard Gutierrez and Barbie Imperial – Ogie Diaz’s Source Denies Romantic Relationship Between Them

Richard Gutierrez and Barbie Imperial

Source of Ogie Diaz Denies Romantic Relationship Between Richard Gutierrez and Barbie Imperial RICHARD GUTIERREZ and BARBIE IMPERIAL – A close source to the actor clarified to Ogie Diaz that there is no romantic relationship between him and the actress. The two were seen together at a bar, and the source explained that they interacted … Read more

Annabelle Rama Denies Liking Sarah Lahbati’s Instagram Post

Annabelle Rama

Annabelle Rama: “Ha? Wala akong nila-like. Bakit ko ila-like?” ANNABELLE RAMA – The talent manager refuted claims that she “liked” the Instagram post of her estranged daughter-in-law, Sarah Lahbati. The mother of Richard Gutierrez previously stirred online buzz when eagle-eyed netizens noticed that she liked Lahbati’s post. In the said post, Sarah can be seen … Read more

Annabelle Rama Likes the Posts of Her Estranged Daughter-in-Law Sarah Lahbati

Annabelle Rama

Netizens noticed that Annabelle Rama liked the post of her daughter-in-law Sarah Lahbati ANNABELLE RAMA – The talent manager liked the posts of her estranged daughter-in-law Sarah Lahbati. Annabelle and Sarah continue to make a buzz online due to their “patama” with each other. It started after the talent manager shared that Richard is now … Read more

Sarah Lahbati’s Mom Agrees with Comment Calling the Gutierrez Family ‘Toxic’

Gutierrez family

Here’s Esther Lahbati’s reaction to a comment stating that the Gutierrez family is “toxic” ESTHER LAHBATI – The mother of Sarah Lahbati agreed with a comment that the Gutierrez family is “toxic.” Co-parenting is the term used by Sarah’s mother to confirm that her daughter and actor Richard Gutierrez are no longer together. She made … Read more