Arnie Teves Now Under House Arrest w/ 24-Hour Security

Former Negros Oriental Cong. Arnie Reves Now Under House Arrest

ARNIE TEVES – The Department of Justice learned from Timor Leste Prosecutor General that the former Congressman is now under a House Arrest.

The death of the late Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo left his family and countless people crying for justice — which has yet to be served. Last March 4, 2023, unidentified men went inside the Degamo residence in Pamplona and shot the then-Governor.

Roel Degamo Death
Photo Credit: PeoPlaid

Aside from Gov. Degamo who did not survive the incident, there were also several individuals who died in the incident. Others who were injured were at the house of the Governor to seek help. The incident left the people of Negros Oriental calling for justice.

Arnie Teves

However, one of the main suspects in the Degamo case was also an official of the province then. Former Negros Oriental 3rd District Representative Arnie Teves Jr. was tagged as one of the suspects in the case.

Arnie Teves House Arrest

Teves was already outside of the Philippines when he was tagged as a suspect in the death of Degamo. Through the videos he posted on social media, he asserted his innocence on the death of the former Governor. He refused to go home to the country for security reasons.

It’s been more than a year now since Degamo died and Teves flew abroad. The latter is currently in Timor-Leste. Recently, the Department of Justice confirmed that former Congressman Arnie Teves was released from jail in Timor-Leste and re-arrested.

A few days after he was re-arrested, the Court of Appeals in Timor Leste ordered for a House Arrest of Teves citing that he’s a “flight risk”. The Court cited that he arrived in the country through a private plane, he also lived in a residence with high rental rates, and paid 20 people.

Recently, the DOJ gave an update confirming that former Congressman Arnie Teves is now under a House Arrest. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, DOJ Undersecretary Raul Vasquez said that they learned about the information from the Timor Leste Prosecutor General.

Based on the report, the extradition proceedings continue and Teves who is now under a House Arrest is under a 24-hour security and only his family members will be allowed to visit him. Vasquez stressed that he is deprived of liberty whether he is in custody, rearrested, or on a house arrest.

“The government will maintain close oversight of the situation to ensure that all procedures are both valid and appropriate,” DOJ said.

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