Lani Mercado Voted “No” on Divorce Bill, Reveals Talking to Bong Revilla about it

Congresswoman Lani Mercado Explains Reason for Voting “No” on Divorce Bill

LANI MERCADO – The Bacoor City Representative voted “no” on Divorce Bill and revealed that she and her husband, Senator Bong Revilla, have talked about it.

Currently, there is no Divorce Law in the Philippines thus you can usually hear to think twice before deciding to get married as there is no easy way out in case the relationship fails. The talk about the possible reinstitution of divorce in the country divides the populace in terms of stand.

Divorce Bill

Amid the Philippines having no law on divorce for decades now, a measure seeking to reinstitute absolute divorce in the country passed the House of Representatives. The public awaits the voting of the members of the Senate on the House Bill 9349 (An Act Reinstituting Absolute Divorce as an Alternative Mode for the Dissolution of Marriage).

Lani Mercado

131 lawmakers in the House of Representatives voted in favor of the Divorce Bill while 109 voted “no” and 20 abstained from making a stand. One of those who voted “no” on the Divorce Bill was Bacoor City Representative Lani Mercado.

Lani Mercado, Bong Revilla

Congresswoman Lani, in an interview with Pep, expressed her belief that there is an effect on the children if the relationship of the parents is not strong to withstand the trials. She stressed that she voted based on her conscience. She is 38 years married to Sen. Bong Revilla.

The wife of Sen. Bong Revilla also added that she and her husband are among the few celebrities with long and lasting marriages amid the challenges in life. In line with their “May Forever” tarpaulin on EDSA, Bacoor City Rep. Lani Mercado expressed her belief that the couples who are married must have a forever.

“You will have to work hard. Kung naipaglaban namin ang aming pag-iisang dibdib, kayo, kaya niyo rin,” she expressed.

Congresswoman Lani revealed during the interview that she and Senator Bong have talked about the Divorce Bill. According to her, what she knows is that her husband is also not in favor of it but wants lesser fees for couples who really have no other solution but divorce.

“Kasi hindi naman lahat ng marriages, pare-parehas, e. Pero kami, bago ako bumoto, nag-usap kami… Hintayin mo lang ang boto niya,” she said.

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