Lady Netizen After Receiving Electric Bill “Ang hirap mabuhay, pero ayoko rin mamatay”

Lady Netizen Reflects on Life’s Challenges After Receiving Electric Bill

A lady netizen expressed her sentiments after receiving her electric bill, saying, “Ang hirap mabuhay, pero ayoko rin mamatay.”

Recently, the Facebook page “VA HR Recruitment Talk” shared the sentiments of a lady netizen after receiving her electric bill. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Waking up to a knock from Meralco field staff, ready to disconnect her line due to an unpaid bill of P5,289.71, the lady netizen candidly admitted her oversight amidst the multitude of concerns and priorities.

Lady Netizen

The female consumer quickly settled the bill with the help of the Meralco Mobile App which allowed her to make timely payments She even managed to give the field staff something for a snack.

While sipping coffee, she couldn’t help but think about parents who were tirelessly providing necessities for their children, struggling to find relief.

Then, on social media, some people were making jokes about sardines, dried fish, tomatoes, bananas, shrimp paste, and other foods considered blessings because they’re all they can afford.

Some even turn kites into a thousand pesos, as if they’re worthless, and there’s a lot of unacceptable content.

Turning her attention to platforms like TikTok, the netizen commented on the youth’s carefree nature, comparing it with an unwillingness to do household tasks or contribute to family responsibilities voluntarily.

The sender acknowledged that not everyone shared this disposition, but stressed the importance of understanding and empathy towards those who do.

The lady netizen acknowledged the difficulties of life while emphasizing her desire to persevere. She comforted herself with the line ‘God will make a way, when there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me.’

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