Netizen Disappointed After Receiving an Electric Bill Worth Over 1 Million Pesos

Electric bill worth more than 1 million pesos?

1 MILLION PESO BILL – A certain Grace Ann Perez took to the social networking site Facebook to express her frustration after receiving an electric bill worth more than 1 million pesos.

On Facebook, she couldn’t hide her frustration upon receiving their electricity bill. What shocked her was the amount of their bill, which reached over 1 million pesos. According to her, with that amount, she could even go to Europe. Due to the expensive electricity bill, she might even have to resort to eating dried fish.

Her post earned mixed reactions from netizens. Some suggested that she should seek clarification from the electric cooperative regarding why their electricity bill reached such an exorbitant amount. Others noted that there must be a typographical error.

In the caption of her post, she noted: “Amu ni ginasiling nga mapaEUROPA PA SA BILL NGA SUBRA 1MILYON (emojis) NANU NI SILA MAN (emoji) MASANLAG NALANG KO GUNO AH (emoji).”

Here are the comments on her post:

As of press time, Perez has yet to give any update about her electricity bill.

Meanwhile, electricity bills are computed by multiplying the total kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed during the billing period by the applicable electricity rate per kWh. Additional charges, taxes, and surcharges may be included, such as generation, transmission, system loss charges, and government fees. Some utility companies may implement tiered pricing based on consumption levels. To manage electricity expenses, customers are advised to be mindful of their energy usage and adopt energy-saving practices.

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