Deniece Cornejo’s Father Breaks Silence on Daughter’s Conviction

The father of Deniece Cornejo has finally spoken out about his daughter’s conviction

PAUL “DENNIS” CORNEJO – The father of Deniece Cornejo spoke out about his daughter’s conviction, expressing deep sadness and disbelief at her life imprisonment sentence. Deniece was found guilty of serious illegal detention for ransom, a case stemming from an incident involving Vhong Navarro in January 2014, according to the Taguig Regional Trial Court.

Dennis, now living in California, USA, shared the emotional toll the situation has taken on him. Despite being far away, he remains practical, unable to visit Deniece due to her quarantine status at the Correctional Institute for Women in Mandaluyong City.

In an interview with, Dennis’s voice shook as he talked about his feelings regarding Deniece’s situation. He strongly denied accusations that his daughter was a gold digger, mentioning his 22 years of hard work to provide for his family.

“Pinalaki ko si Deniece nang maayos. Sinasabi nila gold digger si Deniece? No! I am working for 22 years,” the father of Deniece Cornejo said. “Maganda ang savings ko. Nagtrabaho ako sa barko, lahat sila nabibigyan ko ng maayos na pamumuhay,” he added.

Despite Deniece’s conviction, Dennis holds onto hope that the truth will eventually come to light. He admits to struggling with reading negative comments online but finds comfort in seeking understanding and fair feedback amidst the criticism.

Dennis also expressed empathy for Vhong Navarro, despite their legal battle. He acknowledged Navarro’s difficult experience during his detention related to Deniece’s r*pe accusations, which were later overturned.

Throughout these challenges, Dennis finds strength in his faith and the support of those who believe in him and his daughter. He condemns the spread of false information on social media, emphasizing the importance of accurate information and genuine support during tough times.

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