Gigi de Lana’s Mom Imelda Dies, Singer Expresses Gratitude over Prayers

Update on Gigi de Lana’s Mom Imelda Posted by Singer

Gigi de Lana’s mom, Imelda de Lana, died as announced by the singer on social media along with a message of gratitude for all the prayers.

Recently, Pinay singer Gigi de Lana and her band, the Gigi Vibes, flew abroad for their shows. However, amid the pursuit of performances abroad, the singer was hoping that her mother will still be alive when she returns to the Philippines.

Gigi de Lana's Mom Imelda
Facebook/Gigi De Lana

Gigi previously shared that her mother was confined in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a Philippine hospital. The singer did not disclose the name of the hospital but revealed that her mother was fighting for her life then.

Imelda de Lana
Facebook/Gigi De Lana

Imelda de Lana, the mother of the singer, was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent chemotherapy. It was last year when the singer revealed about the condition of her mother.

There was even an unfortunate time when Gigi de Lana fell victim to scammers and lost the money that was supposedly for the medical bills of her mother. Visibly, the singer is working hard to support the treatment of her mom in the hope of her recovery.

However, sadly, Gigi de Lana’s mom Imelda has passed away. The singer announced the sad news on social media in the early hours of today, May 15, 2024.

Based on the singer’s post, Gigi de Lana’s mom died at 09:19 p.m. of Tuesday, May 14, 2024. The singer expressed her gratitude to everyone who extended their prayers for her mother. She expressed her love for her mom as she tells her to rest now.

Messages of condolences and love overflowed for Gigi and her family. Here are some of the comments on the singer’s social media post:

EntrepreNurse Irene San Luis – Quimson: “My Deepest Condolences Ms Gigi De Lana May her soul rest in peace”

Grace Cervantes: “So sorry for your loss Gidget Dela Llana. Ate Mel will always be in our hearts. A mother’s love has no end. She will continue to love and guide you from above...”

Marvi Juan: “Condolence Gigi and May your mom rest in peace. No more pain now…”

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