Deniece Cornejo’s Father Believes Daughter Victim of “Trial by Publicity”

Deniece Cornejo’s Father Speaks on Charges Against the Model Deniece Cornejo’s father, Dennis Cornejo, believes that his model daughter is a victim of “Trial by Publicity” on case versus Vhong Navarro. The legal battle between Vhong Navarro and Deniece Cornejo went on for almost a decade. Businessman Cedric Lee and two (2) others were also … Read more

Deniece Cornejo’s Father Breaks Silence on Daughter’s Conviction

Deniece Cornejo

The father of Deniece Cornejo has finally spoken out about his daughter’s conviction PAUL “DENNIS” CORNEJO – The father of Deniece Cornejo spoke out about his daughter’s conviction, expressing deep sadness and disbelief at her life imprisonment sentence. Deniece was found guilty of serious illegal detention for ransom, a case stemming from an incident involving … Read more