Angelika Dela Cruz Denies Sister Mika Was Pregnant When She Married Nash Aguas

Angelika Dela Cruz Clarifies Sister Mika is Not Pregnant

ANGELIKA DELA CRUZ – The actress vehemently denied rumors that her sister, Mika dela Cruz, was pregnant when she married Nash Aguas. The wedding took place on May 18, 2024, at Adriano’s Events Place and Prayer Garden in Tagaytay City, surprising fans who were unaware of the couple’s plans.

Speculations about Mika’s pregnancy arose after a Facebook page posted about the supposed “double blessing” of their marriage and an impending baby. The post included a photo of Mika and Nash at their wedding reception, where Mika was seen holding her stomach, leading to further assumptions.

In response, Angelika reposted the rumor on her Facebook page to set the record straight, stating, “My sister is not pregnant po please make sure na totoo bago po kayo mag-post.” Angelika expressed a wish for a baby girl in the family but clarified that Mika was not yet pregnant.

Mika and Nash, former child stars known from the ABS-CBN kid-oriented show “Goin’ Bulilit,” had revealed their relationship publicly in October 2018. Angelika fully supported their relationship, having known Nash since he was a child. Nash was the only one Angelika allowed to court Mika, showing her strong approval.

Angelika’s joy and approval were evident during the wedding, where she became emotional seeing Mika walk down the aisle. Nash admitted to having a crush on Mika since childhood, showing his dedication and persistence over the years. He shared anecdotes of his childhood crush, recalling how he expressed his feelings to Mika during Christmas in 2008.

Nash and Mika had a long history together, working on various TV shows such as “Dahil May Isang Ikaw,” “Gun and Roses,” “Luv U,” and the film “Tiyanak.” Their close bond and Nash’s childhood crush eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship, culminating in their marriage.

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