Zubiri Resigns As PH Senate Chief, Chiz Escudero Sworn In

Juan Miguel Zubiri Out, Chiz Escudero In As Senate Chief

ZUBIRI – Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri replaced by Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero as Philippine Senate chief.

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri resigned from his position on Monday, concluding his two-year term, which he suggested ended due to dissatisfaction with his decision to break ranks.

“I failed to follow instructions from the powers that be, simple as that,” the senator stated in his privilege speech.

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The departing Senate president, whose leadership was frequently troubled by coup rumors, appeared emotional as he addressed his colleagues, asserting that he had “fought the good fight.”

“If I’ve ruffled some feathers in doing so, then so be it,” he said.

Photo Source: Inquirer

Migz Zubiri mentioned that he had put himself “on the line to shield the Senate from all attacks” and worked to maintain the upper chamber’s independence despite “threats against our institution.”

“God knows what I had to do to defend the Senate,” said Zubiri.

Following Zubiri’s resignation, Sen. Franciz “Chiz” Escudero was sworn in as the new Senate president, after being nominated by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano.

Photo Source: Inquirer

Zubiri’s resignation comes after a series of politically charged hearings in the Senate, the most recent being the Senate public order and dangerous drugs committee’s ongoing investigation into alleged leaked documents from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) that link President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to illegal drug use.

While not specifically mentioning the PDEA leaks investigation, Zubiri last week cautioned his colleagues against turning committee hearings into acts of political persecution.

During one of the Senate public order and dangerous drugs committee hearings last week, Zubiri noted that the probe had upset Marcos loyalists but emphasized the importance of the upper chamber adhering to its committee system.

Announcing his resignation on Monday, Zubiri stated that he would continue to serve “as an independent member of the Senate.”

“I leave with my head held high knowing I did what was right for the Senate,” he said.

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