Angelika dela Cruz Tears Up at Mika & Nash Aguas Wedding

Angelika dela Cruz Emotional on Wedding of her loves Mika & Nash Aguas

ANGELIKA DELA CRUZ – The former actress was spotted tearing up at the wedding of her sister, Mika, with her long-time boyfriend, Nash Aguas.

The wedding of Nash Aguas & Mika dela Cruz took the social media platforms by storm. It came as a surprise for many people. There were no hints and guess-whos that hinted the celebrity couple who were in a boyfriend-girlfriend for several years was happening this month, not even rumors that they will wed this year.

Mika dela Cruz, Nash Aguas Wedding
Photo lifted from Instagram/@labellefete

Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz were dating for six (6) years before they recently tied the knot. They’ve even went through several rumors accusing the actress of being pregnant with the actor but all those speculations were debunked.

Nash Aguas, Mika dela Cruz
Photo lifted from Instagram/@labellefete

The wedding of Nash Aguas and Mika dela Cruz was held at Adriano’s Event’s Place and Prayer Garden in Tagaytay City. It was a stunning wedding that was even made more memorable by the presence of the people close to the hearts of the former child stars.

Angelika dela Cruz, the elder sister of Mika, could not help but turn emotional upon seeing the bride appear at the steps. Nash Aguas was also teary eyes upon seeing his beautiful bride appear and ready to walk down the aisle for a lifetime of commitment with him.

In a post on social media, Angelika dela Cruz also expressed her love for both Mika dela Cruz and Nash Aguas who turned husband and wife on that day. Their reception venue was filled with white flowers and here’s a photo of the newly-wed posted by Angelika on her Instagram account:

Nash Aguas and Mike dela Cruz-Aguas are former stars of the ABS-CBN kiddie show Goin’ Bulilit. She is his crush — his only crush as he would often explain. They were only seven (7) years old when they first exchanged I love yous. While it was something special on the side of Nash then, for the young actress, it was a love for a friend.

Meanwhile, from having a crush on her, she became his girlfriend after a year of courtship since she turned 18 years old. After six (6) years, they now both bear his last name following an intimate and stunning wedding.

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