Wally Bayola Reunites with Former EB Babe Dancer Yosh Rivera

Reunion of Wally Bayola and Yosh Rivera

WALLY BAYOLA – The Eat Bulaga mainstay reunited with former EB Babe dancer Yosh Rivera.

The reunion between Eat Bulaga hosts and former EB Babes members garnered attention on social media as netizens reminisced about the past. In an Instagram post, Ciara Sotto shared photos from the gathering with the Dabarkads and former EB Babe dancers Yosh Rivera and Mergene Maranan. “Photos from that super fun night,” she captioned.

Ciara did not specify the purpose of the meeting, but some netizens speculated it was just a casual reunion among the Dabarkads. The photo quickly went viral, with many netizens surprised to see Wally and Yosh together again, given the controversy from 2013.

Back then, Wally temporarily left Eat Bulaga after a video of him with Yosh went viral. Yosh also left EB Babes and chose to live a private life. Wally eventually returned to Eat Bulaga and remained one of the few celebrities to survive such a major controversy. Although the incident is occasionally mentioned by netizens, Wally has learned to ignore it.

Some netizens reacted to the photo, with one noting the common occurrence of hosts getting involved with co-hosts on Eat Bulaga. Another commenter criticized Yosh for “reconciling” with Wally, stating she had potential for a successful career and could have found someone wealthier, single, and more attractive, implying that Wally had negatively impacted her life.

Meanwhile, Wally Bayola, whose real name is Walter James B. Bayola, is a well-known comedian, actor, and TV host. He gained prominence for his versatile performances, particularly his portrayal of the character Lola Nidora in the Kalyeserye segment of the long-running noontime variety show Eat Bulaga!. Alongside his comedic partners Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros, Bayola forms the trio JoWaPao, entertaining audiences with their humor and wit on the show’s “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment.

His career spans over two decades, during which he has also appeared in various television shows, films, and comedy events. Despite facing controversies in his career, Bayola remains a beloved figure in the Philippine entertainment industry, known for his comedic talent and memorable performances.

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