Janella Salvador Addresses Issue of ‘Embarrassing’ Kim Chiu on It’s Showtime

Janella Salvador breaks silence on her latest issue

JANELLA SALVADOR – The actress-singer has spoken up regarding the issue of allegedly ’embarrassing’ Kim Chiu when she was teased to sing on ‘It’s Showtime.’

It can be recalled that it was on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, when Janella and Thai actor Win Metawin made an appearance on the Kapamilya noontime show to promote their upcoming film, “Under Parallel Skies.” During the segment, Janella also mentioned her forthcoming concert and her single, “Headtone.”

After promoting her movie and single, It’s Showtime co-host Kim Chiu requested Janella for a “sampol” However, Janella declined Kim’s request, citing her hoarse voice for the day. “Sample naman Janella sa bago mong…” Kim joked, but Janella promptly responded before Kim could finish her sentence, stating, “Medyo paos ako today, kayo na lang. Next time, promise.”

Vice Ganda, the TV host-comedian, playfully referenced Janella’s response during the show’s segment “EXpecially For You,” typically used when guests decline to provide a sample. Vice jokingly remarked, “Medyo paos siya ngayon, kayo na lang.” This incident quickly gained traction online, with numerous netizens expressing criticism towards Janella.

Amid the issue, Janella Salvador took to social media wherein she aired her side. “Oh wow. I’ve been meaning to explain myself because the last thing i would ever want is to appear rude or disrespectful,” Janella said on her X account on Friday.

“And here i am being met with so much love and comfort upon opening this app. Thank you. It makes me happy to know that there are many people out there who know my heart and what i stand for,” she added.

Meanwhile, some of Janella’s supporters came to her defense amidst the backlash, asserting that her “kayo na lang” remark was consistent with Filipino humor, which often incorporates memes and casual banter. They pointed out that similar remarks are frequently made by hosts like Vice during the show.

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