Janella Salvador Faced Criticism for Her “Paos Ako, Kayo Na Lang” Remark on It’s Showtime

Some netizens criticized Janella Salvador for her “paos ako, kayo na lang” remark on It’s Showtime

JANELLA SALVADOR – The actress-singer was criticized for her “paos ako, kayo na lang” remark on It’s Showtime.

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, Janella and Thai actor Win Metawin visited the Kapamilya noontime show to promote their upcoming film, “Under Parallel Skies.” Janella also mentioned her upcoming concert and her single, “Headtone.”

After promoting, It’s Showtime co-host Kim Chiu asked Janella for a “sample.” However, Janella did not grant Kim’s request. “Sample naman Janella sa bago mong…” Kim quipped. Before Kim could finish speaking, Janella promptly responded. She said, “Medyo paos ako today, kayo na lang. Next time, promise.”

Vice Ganda, the TV host-comedian, teased Janella’s response during the show’s segment “EXpecially For You,” when one of their guests refused to give a sample. Vice joked, “Medyo paos siya ngayon, kayo na lang.”

This quickly became a topic of discussion online, with many netizens criticizing Janella. One netizen tweeted, “HAHAHA medyo rude pagkakasabi niya jan ha! Di nag iisip eh nasa National Television sya! Pwede namang sabihing ‘pasensya po, paos kasi ako ngayon eh!’ Nag promote kapa Janella girl tas makapagsabi kapa ng ‘kayo nalang’. Like What?! Kaya kanga pinag sample diba?!”

However, some of Janella’s fans defended her against the criticism, suggesting that her “kayo na lang” comment was in line with Filipino humor, often characterized by memes and casual remarks. They noted that similar comments are regularly made on the show by hosts like Vice. They argued that Janella’s critics were being overly sensitive, especially considering her hoarse voice at the time. They emphasized that there should be no ill intent assumed on either Janella or Kim’s part, as both are respected figures who generally mean well.

As of writing this article, Janella has not yet reacted to the incident.

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