Heart Evangelista Gives Update About Her Husband Chiz Escudero Amid Stroke Rumors

Heart Evangelista assures that her husband, Chiz Escudero, is fine amid stroke rumors

UPDATE – Actress-model Heart Evangelista assures that her husband, Senator Chiz Escudero, is fine amid rumors that he suffered from a stroke.

Senator Chiz Escudero’s recent hospitalization sparked concerns after rumors circulated about him being in the ICU due to a stroke. However, close sources clarified that he had been discharged from the hospital and is doing well. While they didn’t confirm the exact illness, they stated that he was hospitalized for a routine general check-up, which was delayed because he needed a colonoscopy.

This precautionary measure was advised due to a family history of cancer, with his father having passed away from colon cancer. Heart Evangelista, his wife, also underwent a general check-up, urged by the same source. Despite being confined temporarily for her check-up, Heart reassured her followers of her well-being.

Senator Francis Escudero appeared cheerful as his wife, Heart Evangelista, shared updates on Instagram about her recent doctor’s visit. Evangelista humorously discussed aging and her eye health, while showcasing her artwork.

“I came from the doctor yesterday and it’s official: I’m getting old,” Heart said. “My eyes are just starting to just… When you turn 39, they said automatic na raw ‘yun. When you turn almost 40, your eyes aren’t as perfect as it was. Nakakapikon,” she added.

She then turned the camera to Escudero, who was getting a haircut, and they exchanged light banter about his meal, mini pizza. “Say hi babe! How are you doing? Anong kinakain mo?” she asked. To which he replied: “Mini pizza.”

Meanwhile, Chiz Escudero, 54, has held positions such as Senator of the Philippines, and Representative of the 1st District of Sorsogon, and he also served as the Minority Floor Leader of the Philippine Senate. Additionally, he has run for higher offices such as Vice President of the Philippines in the 2016 elections.

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