Diwata Arrested Due to Slight Physical Injuries in 2018

Diwata was arrested over slight physical injuries

DIWATA – The social media personality and entrepreneur was arrested due to slight physical injuries in 2018

Diwata, whose real name is Deo Balbuena, made headlines in September 2016 for his runway walk, even while injured after being involved in a scuffle with his friends in Pasay City. The altercation reportedly began when the suspects became angry after he asked them to leave the area under the bridge in Pasay, where he caught them using illegal drugs.

Presently, he manages a pares business. His eatery attracts long queues, offering dishes such as crispy pork belly, fried intestine, beef broth, soft drinks, and unlimited rice, all for the price of ₱100. Despite facing challenges, Balbuena eventually found success.

Originally from Samar, he moved to Manila in pursuit of a better life, initially working as a construction worker and selling coffee, cigarettes, and candy on the side. Previously, he appeared in the top-rating Kapamilya series, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo led by Coco Martin.

Currently, the viral street food vendor is making rounds online after being arrested for slight physical injuries. This was in connection to the case filed against him in 2018.

“Slight physical injuries” refer to bodily harm or injuries that are minor or not severe in nature. These injuries typically do not result in significant or long-term impairment but may cause temporary pain, discomfort, or inconvenience to the victim.

In the video posted by ABS-CBN News, a police officer can be seen reading the arrest warrant issued by Judge Allan Ariola of MTC Branch 48 against the street food vendor. The policeman also pronounces the Miranda Rights.

Diwata was immediately released from prison after posting bail worth P3000. As of press time, the viral street vendor has yet to issue any statement regarding his arrest.

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