Pepito Manaloto Cast Posts Emotional Messages; Series to Bid Goodbye?

The cast of Pepito Manaloto posted emotional messages on social media

PEPITO MANALOTO – Fans of the popular GMA TV series are wondering if the show is nearing its end due to emotional posts from its stars.

Michael V., a veteran comedian, shared a heartwarming picture on Facebook showing himself alongside fellow cast members John Feir, Manilyn Reynes, Chariz Solomon, Janna Dominguez, Arthur Solinap, Mosang, and three others. In his caption, Michael emphasized that “Pepito Manaloto” is more than just a TV show—it’s a family that extends beyond the screen to its cast, crew, writers, and viewers. He expressed deep gratitude for the support and affection of the audience, accompanied by the touching song “Not Goodbye” by Colton Dixon.

The sentiment was echoed on Instagram as John, Manilyn, Arthur, and Janna shared the same photo on their profiles, each adding their heartfelt messages of friendship and appreciation for their “Pepito Manaloto” family.

While fans eagerly await official confirmation or announcements from GMA Network regarding the fate of the series, they have flooded the comments sections of the cast’s posts with messages of love and loyalty, highlighting the impact the series has had on their lives.

As of now, GMA Network has not made any statements about the future of “Pepito Manaloto.” The show took a break in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but returned in 2022.

“Pepito Manaloto” tells the story of Pepito and Elsa, portrayed by Bitoy and Manilyn, respectively, whose lives change dramatically after winning the lottery. The show’s blend of humor, heart, and relatable characters has made it a favorite among audiences.

As fans hope for the show’s continuation, they cherish the valuable lessons and laughter it brings into their lives. Whether the series ends or begins a new chapter, its legacy as a beloved comedy sitcom is sure to live on in the hearts of its devoted viewers.

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