DENR Issues Statement on Vlogger Handling and Toying with Tarsiers

Official Statement of DENR on Vlogger Handling and Toying with Tarsiers

DENR – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources issued a statement regarding vloggers who went viral for handling and toying with Philippine Tarsiers.

Handling or toying with tarsiers can have severe consequences due to their sensitive nature and delicate physiology. Tarsiers, as nocturnal creatures, rely heavily on their natural instincts and behaviors for survival. When subjected to human interaction, such as being held or treated as toys, they experience extreme stress and anxiety.

This stress can manifest in various ways, including behavioral issues, decreased appetite, and susceptibility to illness. Additionally, they possess fragile bones and structures, making them prone to injuries when handled improperly. Squeezing or gripping them too tightly can result in broken bones or internal damage.


Furthermore, there is a risk of disease transmission between humans and tarsiers, as they can carry diseases harmful to each other. By disrupting their natural behavior patterns, handling tarsiers interferes with their ability to find food, communicate, and navigate their environment. Therefore, it is essential to respect tarsiers’ natural habitat and refrain from any unnecessary interaction to ensure their well-being and conservation.

Speaking of which, a vlogger named “Farm Boy” from Polomolok, South Cotabato, faced backlash over a video circulating online where he and his companion can be seen handling and toying with two helpless tarsiers. In the video, they are seen trying to make the said endangered species smile. The video also shows how the men toyed with the primates.

After the video went viral and received backlash, the DENR in Soccsksargen initiated an investigation into the incident. According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the tarsiers in the video were released into the wild by the vlogger, but further actions regarding the incident are still being determined.

DENR noted that they will be posting a follow-up on the incident to determine whether the vlogger might be held liable for handling and toying with the primates, which are considered endangered species.

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