Ogie Alcasid Denounces Fake News: No Dubai Concert

“No concert in Dubai,” says Ogie Diaz

OGIE ALCASID – The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to warn people against believing false information after rumors circulated about him and his wife, Regine Velasquez, supposedly having a concert in Dubai.

Alcasid shared a picture of an online article discussing the supposed upcoming concert in Dubai. He clarified that the news was untrue and urged everyone not to be fooled, saying, “Guys this is fake news!! This was an actual 2014 concert but someone reposted it. We are not having a concert in Dubai. Please po ‘wag kayo magpaloko. God bless everyone!”

The famous couple has performed in Dubai before, first in 2010 and then again in 2014. However, they haven’t confirmed any plans for another performance in the city. In a recent interview with Billboard Philippines, Alcasid and Velasquez talked about how important music is in their relationship and advised aspiring artists looking to make it in the music industry.

Ogie Alcasid
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Ogie Alcasid emphasized the crucial role music plays in their marriage, calling it the “bond” that keeps them together both physically and spiritually. He explained how they use music not only in their careers but also to praise their Creator. Velasquez agreed with her husband, stressing the significance of supporting each other, especially when sharing the same career path.

Their advice to artists in relationships with fellow musicians is to keep pursuing their passion for music and love. Alcasid encouraged them to keep going, acknowledging that not all musical relationships end happily, but the creative collaboration they bring can be remarkable.

The couple, who got married in 2010, will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary in December. They are proud parents to their son, Nate. Through their experiences and enduring love, Alcasid and Velasquez inspire both aspiring musicians and couples navigating relationships in the entertainment industry.

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