Ricardo Cepeda’s Twin Brother Launches Fundraising Amid His Legal Battle

Amid his legal battle, the twin brother of Ricardo Cepeda launched a fundraising campaign

GO FUND ME – Robert Go has started a fundraising campaign to collect financial support for his twin brother, Ricardo Cepeda, an actor who is facing legal issues.

Ricardo has been detained since October 7, 2023, due to wrongful charges of syndicated estafa. However, progress in the legal process has been slow, and there is no bail hearing scheduled until April 18, 2024.

The costs associated with Ricardo’s legal proceedings are substantial, with each court appearance amounting to at least $500. Additionally, there are growing lawyer fees and other related expenses. Ricardo’s family is experiencing financial strain, as he has been unable to work since his detention, exhausting his savings and accruing debt. Ricardo’s wife, Marina Benipayo, is also facing challenges as she works tirelessly to support the family amidst these trying circumstances.

The family seeks financial aid to cover Ricardo’s legal expenses and raise awareness about his innocence. They hope to gather $30,000 or P150,000, with only $6,813 or P34,000 raised so far. The Go Fund Me campaign is crucial for Ricardo and his family, providing them with vital support during this challenging time.

Furthermore, Robert Go highlights Ricardo’s character, describing him as a kind, honest, hardworking, and compassionate individual. Despite facing injustice, Ricardo remains hopeful and appreciative of the support he has received. The family expresses gratitude to those who have contributed financially or offered words of encouragement, urging others to join their cause to bring Ricardo home and achieve justice.

To recall, Ricardo Cepeda was arrested on October 7, 2023, during a ribbon-cutting event in Caloocan. The police served him a warrant for 43 counts of syndicated estafa. Initially resisting arrest, Ricardo eventually complied peacefully. He expressed shock at the warrants, stating he was unaware of them.

Ricardo was detained at Camp Karingal in Quezon City, with the case being non-bailable. He clarified his limited involvement with the investment company, only serving as a product model. Ricardo’s stepson defended him, claiming he was wrongfully accused due to the company’s investment scheme. Ricardo was also charged with violating RA 8799. Despite the setback, he remains confident of his acquittal, lamenting the time lost and the impact on his family and work.

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