Xian Lim and Iris Lee Are Together in Bangkok, Hunting for Locations for the Actor’s New Film

Xian Lim and Iris Lee are together in Bangkok for location hunting for the actor’s new film

XIAN LIM AND IRIS LEE – The rumored couple is together in Bangkok for location hunting for the actor’s new film.

Xian Lim’s new project as a director is about to start shooting. Together with his team, they flew to Bangkok, Thailand, to scout locations for their scenes. Xian hasn’t revealed the title of the project yet, and they haven’t finalized the casting for the lead roles in his film.

This is his follow-up project to “Hello, Universe,” the actor’s directorial debut under Viva Films. “Hello, Universe” is a comedy movie written by Xian himself, starring Janno Gibbs, released in theaters in January 2023, and had a successful run on Netflix in April 2023.

Iris Lee, Viva Films’ associate producer, joined Xian in Bangkok for location hunting. On Friday night, March 1, 2024, Xian shared photos of their location hunting in Bangkok with his production team on his Instagram, possibly fueling unconfirmed rumors about his real relationship status with Iris, as she was included in the pictures.

A source denied various rumors connecting Xian and Iris, stating that she is the actor’s associate producer on his projects. This isn’t the first film project where Xian and Lee worked together, as she was also his associate producer on “Hello, Universe,” under Viva Films.

Recently, Xian Lim and Iris Lee have been associated with each other, particularly after a vlog by Ogie Diaz. Rumors linking Xian and Iris resurfaced, fueled by circulating photos showing them together. These images, shared online by @erich_lee20, showed Xian socializing with Iris’s acquaintances and motorcycle companions, including singer-songwriter JK Labajo and Miss Universe Philippines-Cavite Dia Mate.

These photos garnered attention on a popular entertainment website, triggering various reactions from netizens. While some criticized Xian, others offered support if the relationship rumors turned out to be true. Some saw it as a positive move for Xian, while others expressed disapproval towards Iris. In response to these speculations, Xian Lim shared a quote that seemed to reflect his thoughts: “But we cannot simply sit and stare at our wounds forever.”

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