Xian Gaza Drops Conversation Between Vivamax Actress and Politician

Conversation Between a Vivamax Actress and a Politician

XIAN GAZA – The controversial social media personality has released a conversation between a Vivamax actress and a politician.

In his post, Xian stated that the politician’s wife initially shared the conversation to expose the actress, alleging that she had asked for money from her husband. The conversation revealed that the actress requested money from the politician multiple times and even traveled abroad with him.

The politician appeared generous towards the actress and never denied any of her requests. Xian Gaza claimed that the actress referred to in the conversation is not Ivana Alawi, who is being linked to a politician-businessman.

“Kung ia-analyze ninyo yung mga screenshots with Vivamax actress, obvious na obvious na hindi ito si IVANA. First and foremost, napakaraming pera ni Ivana para manghingi ng allowance sa isang pulitiko. It’s not Ivana Alawi,” he said.

As of now, Vivamax has not issued an official statement regarding the allegations against one of their talents.

Xian Gaza, whose real name is Christian Albert Soriano Gaza, is an internet personality known for his controversial actions and online presence. He gained widespread attention in mid-2017 when he publicly asked out actress Erich Gonzales for a coffee date via a billboard. Despite initial notoriety, allegations of scamming emerged regarding his involvement in various ventures, including charity projects and social media initiatives.

In April 2018, a warrant of arrest was issued against Gaza for violating the Bouncing Check Law, relating to a ₱2.6 million investment scheme involving a coffee shop. He surrendered to authorities and was subsequently sentenced to five years and six months imprisonment for multiple counts of violating the law. Gaza fled the country in September 2018 to evade arrest, leading to his exile in Hong Kong.

Vivamax actress

In 2021, Gaza launched his own cryptocurrency called Xian Coin (XNC), which was met with regulatory scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC issued advisories and eventually filed a cease and desist order against the venture, citing concerns of it being a Ponzi scheme.

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