Widow’s $1 Billion Donation Makes Medical School Tuition-Free

A Medical School in the US is Now Tuition-Free Thanks to Widow’s $1 Billion Donation

FREE TUITION – A 93-year-old widow named Ruth Gottesman, who donated over $1 billion to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, left the students in tears after announcing their tuition is free.

Ruth, a former pediatrics teacher at the college and the current chairperson of the board of trustees, inherited this massive sum from her late husband, David “Sandy” Gottesman, who was a prominent investor in Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., owned by Warren Buffett.

At the time of his passing, Sandy’s wealth was valued at $3 billion, demonstrating the considerable fortune he amassed from his financial ventures. Ruth’s choice to give such a significant sum to the medical school reflects her dedication to charitable giving and her husband’s lasting influence.

This donation holds great importance, especially considering the steep costs of education in the United States, particularly for medical studies, which pose a financial challenge for many students. Ruth’s act of kindness guarantees that both current and future students at Albert Einstein College of Medicine can pursue their studies without worrying about tuition fees.

In a touching video message, Ruth conveyed the news to the students, expressing her joy in making the college tuition-free. The announcement was met with cheers, applause, and tears of happiness from the audience, illustrating the profound impact of Ruth’s generosity on the students’ lives.

Ruth conveyed her appreciation to her late husband for entrusting her with the funds and enabling her to make such a significant contribution to the college. The donation not only eases the financial burden on students but also emphasizes the importance of philanthropy in bolstering educational and healthcare initiatives.

“I am very thankful to my late husband, Sandy, for leaving these funds in my care, and l feel blessed to be given the great privilege of making this gift to such a worthy cause,” she said.

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