Event Director Expresses Dismay Over Singer Dubbed as ‘Phoenix’

Singer dubbed as ‘phoenix’ criticized by event director

Morissette Amon? – A social media post by an event director has stirred discussion after expressing disappointment with an unnamed singer known for her Mariah Carey-like whistle and dubbed as the “phoenix.”

Vic Sevilla, the director, recounted how this singer, presumably Morissette Amon, was invited to a corporate event, where she performed. Despite expectations for a dynamic performance, she seemed lacking in vocal power and enthusiasm, leaving the audience disappointed.

The director criticized her lackluster performance, considering the hefty price performers like her command for such events. Netizens speculated on the singer’s identity, with many agreeing it was Amon, known as “Asia’s Phoenix.”

While the post gained attention, it was later deleted, though screenshots circulated. As of writing, Sevilla hasn’t confirmed if Amon was the subject of his criticism. There’s been no response from Amon’s camp either. The incident sparked discussions about professionalism and the responsibility of performers in live events.

Here’s Sevilla’s post:

“In one of the corporate events I directed recently, we had a guest singer perform four songs in the finale number. She is known for belting extremely difficult songs and her ability to “whistle” a la Mariah Carey has been well documented. Because of this, she has been labelled as the “phoenix.” Naturally, we were expecting no less than a fiery performance from her. Sadly, her much-vaunted vocal power appeared to
be missing that night. She seemed zapped of energy, acted uninterested, and sounded distant and cold. It was as if all enthusiasm escaped her the moment she stepped on stage. It was just disappointing given that performers of her stature and popularity demand a hefty price to appear in corporate events. At the very least, she could have faked enthusiasm to cheer the audience up and not act as if she wanted to get off the stage in haste. She was, at that moment, a complete waste of time and money.”

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