Diamond Hotel Philippines Called Out for Derogatory Remark by Their Manager

A manager at Diamond Hotel Philippines is under scrutiny for making derogatory remarks to an OJT applicant

DIAMOND HOTEL PHILIPPINES – The luxury hotel located in Manila was criticized by a netizen for the derogatory remarks made by their manager towards his girlfriend.

In his post, Carlo recounted how his girlfriend, who was seeking an internship opportunity at a 3-5 star hotel, received an interview invitation from Diamond Hotel. Excited about fulfilling her college requirements and pursuing her dreams, she attended the interview last Thursday.

However, the experience quickly turned sour when one of the hotel managers made derogatory remarks about her appearance. Referring to her petite stature, the manager called her “gasul” and proceeded to comment on her weight, suggesting she should lose some. This insensitive and unprofessional behavior left Carlo’s girlfriend feeling demoralized.

“Sadly, she didn’t make it. I can see the frustration and disapointment on her face. How she was sad and demotivated that day. Worst? CRYING,” he noted.

In his post, he advised students considering internships at Diamond Hotel to be cautious of how they may be treated, emphasizing the importance of self-worth and beauty beyond superficial judgments.

Moreover, Carlo calls out Diamond Hotel for its apparent lack of customer service and employee well-being, as evidenced by negative online reviews. He urges the hotel management to take responsibility for their actions and issue an apology for the mistreatment experienced by his girlfriend, stressing that such behavior should never be normalized or tolerated.

Diamond Hotel Philippines has commented on his post. “We acknowledge your post and we are currently investigating the matter. We assure you that we take your posting/complaint seriously and we will take any and all appropriate actions as maybe warranted under the situation. We will apprise you of the results of the investigation,” the luxury hotel commented.

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