Mariel Padilla Reacts to Video of Husband Robin Kissing Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Mariel Padilla has this reaction to a video of Robin kissing Regine

MARIEL PADILLA – The former television host, took to social media to react to a video of her husband, Robin, kissing singer Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

Recently, Mariel posted an older video on her Facebook page featuring her husband, Senator Robin Padilla, alongside Regine Velasquez. This throwback footage gained attention due to a kiss shared between Regine and Robin. Mariel chose to repost the video after being tagged in it numerous times by others.

In her caption, she humorously noted that she had been tagged in this video more frequently than in posts regarding the IV drip issue. Additionally, she asked if everyone was pleased that she had finally shared it.

“Ang daming nag tag sakin mas madami pa nag tag sakin dito kesa sa iv drip. Oh ayan masaya na kayo? Ako na nag share… happy? Happy na ba lahat? tag ko na din si kuya Ogie Alcasid kasi dalawa kami tag niyo. YEHEY,” she noted.

To recall, Mariel Padilla faced backlash following the circulation of photos depicting her undergoing a medical procedure initially mistaken for a skin-whitening drip but later clarified as a vitamin C injection. This procedure took place in her husband, Senator Robin Padilla’s, office at the Senate, which many deemed inappropriate and disrespectful to the Senate’s dignity.

Photo Source: GMAnews

In response to the criticism, Rodriguez issued a public apology, emphasizing that her intention was not to disrespect the Senate but rather to underscore the importance of maintaining health amid busy schedules. She clarified that she was present at the Senate to support her husband’s work and that a qualified medical professional supervised the procedure.

Senator Padilla also apologized to Senate officials, acknowledging the error and committing to measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. However, concerns lingered regarding the appropriateness of conducting medical treatments in government premises without prior notice or consultation with medical professionals.

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