Nikki Benitez Denies She, Albee Benitez Have Broken Up

Nikki Benitez: “I wish to clarify that there have been no discussions between my husband and I regarding separation or annulment.”

NIKKI BENITEZ – The wife of Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez denied that she and her husband have broken up.

To recall, reported that the city mayor is being linked to a popular daring actress. Mayor Albee even said that he and his wife “have not been a couple for several years already” and “have gotten a dissolution in court several years back”.

Nikki, who is the mother of Victorias City Mayor Javi Benitez, has issued an official statement following her husband’s statement suggesting that they’re no longer together.

Nikki Benitez Albee Benitez

In a statement sent to by Mayor Javi via text message, Nikki clarified that there have been no discussions between her and her husband regarding separation or annulment.

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According to her, the quotes attributed to her husband in the media came as a surprise as they have been living under one roof for 31 years and have been maintaining their family’s unity through all of life’s challenges.

She also said that her commitment to handling their personal matters with dignity and respect remains unchanged, adding that she’s focused on protecting their children from any pain or anguish brought about by the matter.

Prior to this, Mayor Javi posted a photo on his social media account and he also expressed his love and gratitude to his mother.

In the caption of his post, Mayor Javi thanked his mother for all that you have done for our family. He also said that they know how much she has sacrificed for him and Bettina and he’s eternally grateful.

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