Barbie Forteza Gives Peek Into Her Stunning Kitchen In Latest Cooking Video

Barbie Forteza Unveils Culinary Talents & Gorgeous Kitchen in Viral Cooking Video

BARBIE FORTEZA – Kapuso actress Barbie Forteza posted a cooking video and showed off her stunning kitchen.

Barbie Forteza has emerged as a prominent figure among the current generation of actresses, demonstrating remarkable versatility in both drama and comedy. Her exceptional beauty and acting talent have propelled her into the limelight.

Her career began with the 2009 GMA series “Stairway To Heaven,” where she played the role of young Jodi. Subsequently, she appeared in the 2010 television drama romance “First Time.” Her latest project, “Maria Clara at Ibarra,” has garnered significant attention, further elevating her career.

Barbie Forteza
Photo: Barbie Forteza / Instagram

Before achieving her current showbiz status, Barbie Forteza underwent numerous auditions, a phase she openly discussed in a previous interview. She shared that she actively participated in auditions, emphasizing her persistence and eagerness for opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Reflecting on the early days of her acting career, Barbie reminisced about her mom being her first acting coach. She highlighted a specific moment when her mom’s advice on presenting a unique acting approach during an audition ultimately secured her a role.

In an interview with Luis Manzano, Barbie revealed that in her career, among her goals is to work with several award-winning actors like Joel Torre and Vilma Santos. She also would like to work with the great Cherie Gil but the actress has already passed away.

Photo Source: @barbieforteza8doneyet TikTok

Recently, Barbie showcased her culinary skills in a TikTok video that captured the attention of netizens. The video not only highlighted her cooking prowess but also showcased the aesthetic appeal of her kitchen, adding charm to the post. Injecting humor into the caption, she wrote, “Uy sinipag magluto kase ang ganda ng kusina niya bwahahahaha.”

Watch the video below:

@barbieforteza8doneyet Uy sinipag magluto kase ang ganda ng kusina niya bwahahahaha!!! 👩🏻‍🍳 Thank you so much @RAVE ‘N’ WOODS ♬ Four-on-the-four feeling the power hidden in the corporate VP(1442404) – 314P

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