Mayor Albee Benitez Issues Statement After Being Linked to a TV Personality

Official statement of Mayor Albee Benitez after being linked to a TV personality

ALBEE BENITEZ – The mayor of Bacolod City has issued an official statement after being linked to a TV personality.

The mayor of Bacolod City is being associated with the well-known actress, sparking speculation after they were seen together at the airport heading to Japan. Mayor Albee clarified that he and his wife have been separated for years and have legally dissolved their marriage. He confirmed that they hadn’t been together for quite some time.

Nikki, the mother of Mayor Javi Benitez of Victorias City, has officially responded to her husband’s statement about their separation. Through a message relayed to, Nikki clarified that they haven’t discussed separation or annulment.


She expressed surprise at the quotes attributed to her husband, stressing that they’ve lived together for 31 years and have maintained family unity through challenges. Nikki reiterated her commitment to handling their personal matters with dignity and respect, especially to protect their children from emotional distress.

Mayor Albee Benitez has released an official statement to address the issue. In a Facebook post, he acknowledged his professional interactions with various celebrities, which he sees as part of his business. Despite rumors linking him to actress Ivana Alawi, he emphasized his current focus on serving Bacolod City’s interests.

ivana alawi
Photo credits: @ivanaalawi IG

“As for recent personal matters, I kindly request understanding and respect for privacy to shield all innocent parties involved. In my private capacity as a film and TV program producer, my professional interaction with various celebrities is inherent to the nature of the business,” he noted. “At this moment, my primary focus is on safeguarding the interests of Bacolod City,” he added.

Meanwhile, Albee Benitez, whose real name is Alfredo Abelardo Bantug Benitez, is a businessman and politician who has been serving as the Mayor of Bacolod since June 30, 2022. Before his mayoralty, he served three consecutive terms as the representative of Negros Occidental’s 3rd district from 2010 to 2019.

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