EastWest Bank Personal Loan Amount You May Borrow — A GUIDE

Details about the EastWest Bank Personal Loan Amount Range for Aspiring Clients

EASTWEST BANK PERSONAL LOAN AMOUNT – Here’s a guide on the borrowing amounts that EastWest Bank allows under its loan offer.

In the Philippines, one of the banking entities that you may turn to is the EastWest Bank which is operating in the country for decades now. Its offers encompass both personal and business categories wherein there are savings and checking account offers, credit cards, loans, and investment products.

EastWest Bank Personal Loan Amount
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Under the personal offers, one of the loans is the Personal Loan. The bank boasts its offer with having no collateral requirement, high loanable amount, and flexible loan term. Below, you can check more details about the loan offer.

Eastwest Bank
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The EastWest Bank Personal Loan offer is open for both Filipino citizens and foreign nationals who are residing in the Philippines and aged at least 21 years old during the loan application.

The bank observes that the loan applicant must not be more than 65 years old upon the loan maturity and must have at least one fixed landline number and a mobile number. Also, the bank requires the loan applicant to have a gross monthly income of at least Php 15,000.

How much is the EastWest Bank Personal Loan amount allowed for borrowing? Here are the minimum and maximum loanable amounts under the offer:

  • Minimum Loanable Amount — Php 25,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount — Php 2 Million

The loan is payable from at least 12 monthly amortizations or within one (1) year up to 36 months or three (3) years. The interest rates under the EastWest Bank Personal Loan depend if you have an existing credit card or a bank loan of at least nine (9) months.

To apply for the loan offer, there are requirements for EastWest Bank Personal Loan application that you must submit. Wait for an update from the EastWest Bank regarding the result of your loan application.

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