EastWest Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate Clients Must Know

Guide on EastWest Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate under the Offer

EASTWEST BANK PERSONAL LOAN INTEREST RATE – You can check here the interest rate that EastWest Bank implements under its cash loan offer.

Are you looking for a bank where you may apply for a multi-purpose loan offer? In the Philippines, one of the entities that you may turn to is EastWest Bank, a trusted bank in then Philippine banking industry. It actually has several loan offers that are open for both employed and self-employed individuals.

Eastwest Bank
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One of the loans offered by the EastWest Bank is the Personal Loan, a multi-purpose cash loan offer. It is the best choice if you are looking for a solution that can attend to multiple financial needs. It is a non-colletaral loan offer thus no property of yours will be at risk under the loan offer.

EastWest Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate
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Who are qualified to apply for the loan offer? EastWest Bank has opened its loan offer for employed and self-employed individuals who meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a Filipino citizen or Foreign National permanently residing in the Philippines.
  • Be at least 21 years old during application and not more than 65 years old upon loan maturity.
  • Have at least one fixed landline number (either home or business) and a mobile number. (Mobile number will not be accepted as a stand-alone contact number).
  • Have a Gross (basic) monthly income (GMI) must be at least Php15,000 or basic annual income or must not be less than Php180,000.

One of the things that a responsible borrower does is to check the interest rate prior to applying for the loan. With regards to the EastWest Bank Personal Loan interest rates, it depends if you have an existing credit card or bank loan of at least nine (9) months.

TenorMonthly RateFactor RateContractual Interest RateEffective Interest Rate*
12 months1.79%0.101233337.54% p.a.50.27% p.a.
18 months0.073455637.45% p.a.48.50% p.a.
24 months0.059566736.98% p.a.46.97% p.a.
36 months0.045677835.78% p.a.44.42% p.a.
TenorMonthly RateFactor RateContractual Interest RateEffective Interest Rate*
12 months1.99%0.103233341.51% p.a.56.19% p.a.
18 months0.075455641.31% p.a.54.19% p.a.
24 months0.061566740.70% p.a.52.41% p.a.
36 months0.047677839.26% p.a.49.42% p.a.

The EastWest Bank Personal Loan interest rate applies until the loan is fully paid. You may choose to repay the loan for up to three (3) years or 36 monthly installments. To apply, there are requirements for EastWest Bank Personal Loan application that you must submit.

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