Lady Netizen Saved by Mom’s ‘Pabaon’ During Flight “22hrs na ko wala kain”

Mom’s Thoughtfulness Saves Lady Netizen During Flight: “22 Hours Without Food”

A lady netizen proudly shared how her beloved mom’s ‘Pabaon’ came to her rescue during her flight, saying, “22hrs na ko wala kain.”

Cristina Magpantay, a Facebook user, shared a photo of her beloved mother’s packed snacks for her. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media and garnered various reactions from internet users.

In her post, Cristina expressed how her mom, Mama Jubie Flores, consistently sneaks snacks into her bag every time she leaves the country. Despite initially joking that these snacks are for people who can’t afford food, Cristina found herself incredibly grateful for her mother’s foresight during her recent journey.

Lady Netizen

The lady netizen experienced severe hunger after 22 hours without eating and dirhams. Her cards were also declined. Luckily, while unpacking her things from her suitcase, she saw several packs of biscuits.

She went on to express her gratitude to her mother, acknowledging that Mama Jubie Flores has been ensuring her survival with these packed snacks for years. The post portrays the essence of a mother’s intuition and care, proving the age-old saying that “Mother knows best.”

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Here is the full post:

“Sa ilan beses ko ng paalis alis ng bansa si mama consistent na nag ssingit ng mga ganito sa bag ko.

Ayoko nga kako at di ako nakain nyan pang mahirap lang yan e (kidding aside)

Pero eto na naman kahapon 22hrs na ko wala kain nagugutom na talaga ko as in gutom na gutom

Wala naman kasi akong dirhams tapos na declined pa cards ko tapos habang nag tatanggal ako ng gamit sa maleta nakita ko to.

Ay anong tuwa ko !

Hays !!! Mama Jubie Flores ilan taon na akong sinu survived ng pabaon mo.

Mother knows best talaga


The internet users expressed their reactions to the post:

Lady Netizen

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