Mom Expresses Frustration as Son Receives Handkerchief & Soaps in School Exchange Gift

Mom Expresses Displeasure as Son Receives Handkerchief and Soaps During School Christmas Party Gift Exchange

A dissatisfied mom has expressed her frustration as son received handkerchief and soaps in school exchange gift.

Alexakate Balami, a Facebook user, shared a photo of her disappointed son who received handkerchief and soaps in school exchange gift. The post goes viral after it was posted on social media and elicited reactions from the netizens.

Balami struggled with whether to be joyful or unhappy as her excited kid cheerfully opened his exchange gift at school. To their surprise, the child’s face revealed pure disappointment at discovering a handkerchief and soaps, rather than a pleasant surprise they had hoped for.

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The post revealed an agreement among parents to purchase gifts valued at around P150 for the exchange gift. However, Balami’s son ended up with a used handkerchief, leaving him disheartened.

Balami expressed her sentiments about the rarity of Christmas parties at school and how this unfortunate incident happened during such a special occasion for her child.

The dissatisfied mom managed to comfort her child and convinced him not to cry over the unexpected gift. She decided to step in and personally provide an enjoyable gift for her son.

The story reminds us to be considerate in gift-giving, particularly in school parties where such exchanges hold sentimental value for children.

Here is the full post:

Bilang Isang Ina di ko alam Kong matuwa ba ako o Magalit yung excited na buksan Ng anak ko yung Exchange gift Niya sa school tapos pag open Niya ung halos ma iyak iyak Niya na yung mukha Niya Hindi na maipenta dahil sa natanggap na regalo Niya Ang usapan bibili Ng worth it 150 kaso ito natanggap Ng anak ko tapos gamit pa yung panyo grabe Naman Minsan na nga lang mag Christmas party ito pa ung nangyare sa anak ko Buti napaki usapan ko anak ko na wag na Siya umiyak na ako nalang magbibigay sakanya Ng regalo. Nakaka dismaya lang sobrang first time Ng anak ko makasali Ng exchange gift tapos ganitong makukuha Niya. Okay lang sana kahit laruan na tag 50 mas matutuwa pa ung anak ko ! Eh Hindi Naman to pang bata eh samantalang sa exchange gift Ng anak ko nasa 200 plus ang nabili ko imbes matuwa anak ko maiyak iyak ang anak ko sa natanggap Niya kahapon na exchange gift nila nAawa nalang ako sa anak ko.

The online community expressed their reactions to the gift:

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