Annabelle Rama Denies Liking Sarah Lahbati’s Instagram Post

Annabelle Rama: “Ha? Wala akong nila-like. Bakit ko ila-like?”

ANNABELLE RAMA – The talent manager refuted claims that she “liked” the Instagram post of her estranged daughter-in-law, Sarah Lahbati.

The mother of Richard Gutierrez previously stirred online buzz when eagle-eyed netizens noticed that she liked Lahbati’s post. In the said post, Sarah can be seen with her son Kai while they are in a swimming pool. In another photo, Sarah is seated in what appears to be a restaurant.

The liking of the post garnered mixed reactions. Some netizens speculated that she might have pressed the like button accidentally, while others claimed she might have had a change of heart after seeing her grandchild.

However, Annabelle, in an interview with Jun Lalin of Abante, dismissed the notion, stating that she did not have the time to engage in social media activities. “Ang bongga Tita, nagkakagulo ang netizens pati mga reporter. Ni-like mo kasi ang post kahapon ni Sarah,” Jun said.

“Ha? Wala akong nila-like. Bakit ko ila-like?” the puzzled talent manager replied. Annabelle suggested that it might have been her grandchildren who accidentally liked Sarah’s post. “Bising-busy kami kahapon. Nag-pictorial pa kami. Wala akong panahon mag-check ng mga post,” she explained. “Alam mo naman ang mga apo ko, ang hilig hiramin ang phone ko. Baka napindot nila.”

As of the latest update, Annabelle’s account no longer has the like on Sarah’s post. However, Sarah still follows Annabelle’s Instagram profile.

It’s worth noting that Annabelle previously hinted at the separation between Sarah and her son, Richard Gutierrez. She also expressed concerns about Sarah’s spending habits while fulfilling her responsibilities as a housewife. As of press time, Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati have yet to issue any statement to confirm or deny their separation.

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